1st Tuesday of each month

7 Jul : FOSAF
by Fosaf

23 Jul : Fishing in the Karoo
by Alan Hobson


Prearranged dates

28th July : Simon Gawesworth
new Rio products incl the “Slickcast Lines”

4 Aug : Tudor Caradoc Davies
The Omnivore’s Dilemma

18 Aug : Tudor Caradoc Davies and associates
Fly Fishing AMA (Ask Me Anything)

8 Sept : Garth Wellman
Orange River Largies


The Club meets every First and Second Tuesday of the month for Technical and Fly Tying Sessions respectively,  7pm

The Jacaranda Fly Fishing Club evenings focus on:

Tips and techniques, tying videos,best practices in tying, new materials and how to use them, special techniques for special materials, books to reade or recommended, where to buy what – local vs overseas, what is what as to hooks / threads / vices, tying benches, lighting, storing materials, tying a specific pattern – using new materials.

Guest tiers are invited to tie special flies.

Introduction to fly tying sessions

R35 entrance fee – all materials supplied – please bring own vice, tools and thread. Only arranged on requests.

Introduction fly tying evenings will focus on: Thread basics, pinch loops and bobbin control, ways of attaching different materials, vices – types and functions, tools – basic set vs extended set, dub a thread, dubbing loops, dubbing wax, how to use a bobbin ? Whip fishing tools and techniques using hackle, hackle pliers, glue’s to use using different materials like deer hair / foam. And much more…